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Hello and welcome to DoomCube.com, a somewhat out of date website with art from various game projects I’ve worked on.

My name is Paul Conway, I’m a video game artist and designer based in Galway City in the West of Ireland. I’ve worked in the video game’s industry since 2005. I’m lead artist and CEO of indie game studio Spooky Doorway, that sound important but all it means is I draw all the art and answer all the business emails. Our studio is known for making The Darkside Detective games, a lighthearted series of point and click adventures.

I primarily specialize in 2D video game graphics and animation, but I also tinker a bit with 3D on our projects. I used to freelance quite a lot and as a result I’ve worked on well over 100 games. I worked with a variety of international and big name clients on projects across multiple platforms, including mobile & smart phones, Nintendo DS and Switch and tablet devices. I’ve worked on some interesting IPs over the years, like the Sims, Theme Park, The A-Team, Scrabble, Twilight and Lep’s World, but recently I’ve been lucky enough to be able to settle into my own studio I set up with my friends making our own games.

For any information please email paul@doomcube.com or you can also find me on Twitter under the name DoomCube