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Hello and welcome to DoomCube.com. We’re an outsourcing service for video game graphics based in Galway, Ireland which is spearheaded by Paul Conway, a 9 year veteran of the video games industry.

We primarily specialize in 2D video game graphics and animation. However, our diverse skill set allows us to tackle a wide variety of projects and media. We’ve been creating game art as a professional service for 7 years, working with many international and big name clients. We’ve worked on over 80 games across multiple platforms, including mobile & smart phones, Nintendo DS & tablet devices. Please check out the credits page for a full list of the titles we’ve been involved with.

Since we’ve been in operation we’ve always felt it was very important to have a close relationship with our clients and have continued to work with many of them on their various projects through out the years. We’re an art department for hire that will bring as much polish and care as humanly possible to each and every project we’re fortunate to work on.

For any quotes or information please email paul@doomcube.com or fill out the form on the contact page.