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19 Nov 2014

Aporkalypse Now

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Aporkalypse Now is a game I’m working on with Tribal City Interactive. It is set for release in 2015. So far the artwork has been well received online, so I’m looking forward to when we have a more complete version of the game to show. It’s packed with lots of fun movie, tv & cartoon references. Can you spot them in the samples below?

1996, The Far Distant Future:

Damn scientists, always trying to play God. Those fools experimented with the one thing no man had the right to change. Bacon.
While trying to enhance bacon’s already awesome flavour, they unwittingly created a genetically modified super-race of pigs. Smarter, tougher and more delicious than any mere man could comprehend, the pigs quickly rose to become the rulers of the Earth. Not satisfied with complete dominance over the planet, they began to exact their revenge on humanity for its long and unapologetic feasting on their yummy brethren. It was the Aporkalypse.







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