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06 Jul 2012

Fluid UI Launches Today

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My good buddies over at Fluid UI have just launched their amazing new piece of software, the eponymous Fluid UI. It’s main function is to help designers quickly mock up functioning interface designs for mobile applications, for both smart phones & tablet devices.

The handsome devils of Fluid UI.

I’ve personally found the demo very handy for designing menu systems for games. It really helps to figure out the kinks and dead ends quite quickly. Quickly in this case means as little as 15 minutes. Also by uploading my own artwork, I’ve been able to create accurate and smooth menu designs that my clients have been able to interact with (and sign off on) without need of a programmers involvement.

It’s super plush and I’m already a big fan of what the lads are doing over there. But don’t just listen to me, shoot on over to Fluid UI and read their BLOG POST to make up your own mind.

I’ll finish up by saying congratulations to the handsome devils of Fluid UI (see above picture for proof of this statement), it’s great to see it finally released into the wild.



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