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31 Oct 2013

Lep’s World 3 – Released Today!

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I’m delighted to announce that nerByte GmbH have just released Lep’s World 3 for iOS devices. The DoomCube team have been beavering away on the graphics for this game for the last few months and we’re very pleased with the results. We’ve been playing a final build here for the last 2 weeks and have enjoyed it a lot. It’s a really fun game. It’s a very polished game, both visually and game play wise, boasting 9 different environments, 120 levels and over 20 enemies types.

The lep’s World franchise has been extraordinarily successful. The first two games in the series have already accumulated over 60 Million downloads so far. This is the biggest and boldest Lep’s World yet, so hopefully it can break the download records of the previous titles. The Android and Kindle versions should be landing quite soon. We’ll post some news when they arrive.

Expect a more extensive portfolio post in the next few days, but for now enjoy the trailer.

Lep’s World 3 –DOWNLOAD
Lep’s World 3 Free – DOWNLOAD

[youtube 8xv0bDxjfiE 600 450]

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