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09 Aug 2011

The Marbians

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The Marbians have crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico and need your help to get them home in this retro, marble-themed puzzle game. Fling and Flick the marble-encased aliens through 72 puzzling levels to get them back to their UFOs and on their way home!

The Marbians is a physics-based interactive game, where players will send Marbians careening off walls and around obstacles to collect moon rocks, rack up points and bonuses, and reach their UFO homes. Smack your Marbian off walls at high speed for more points, collect all the moon rocks you can, and see your alien friends safely home!

I worked as the lead artist creating all the art for the game. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android, and will be coming out on the PSN soon.

Praise for The Marbians:

Kotaku.com: Gaming App of the Day (August 8th 2011) – “A physics-based puzzle grading you out on a scale of one to three, by now, might be not a genre but a cliche in mobile gaming, But there are still concepts out there that can keep it fresh and one of them is The Marbians, a cheerfully dressed app for iOS and Android devices that conjures thoughts of nifty billiard trick shots.”
Read their review HERE.

148apps.com: 4.5/5 –The Marbians has all the hallmarks of another classic (and lucrative) iOS title: It’s vibrant, fun, addicting, adorable and a buck. Cute mascot puzzle game enthusiasts definitely need to check this one out.”
Read their review HERE.

Gamezebo.com: 4/5 – “Basically, this is a solid little physics puzzler, but what helps it stand out is its production values. The graphics are goofy and lovely all at once. The Marbians themselves are certainly cute, but the environments are what takes the cake. Many of the toy boxes that in the environment feature some delightful pulp sci-fi artwork. It’s adorable, and players should take a few minutes to appreciate all the creativity that went into these level designs.”
Read their review HERE.

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