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09 Sep 2011

Back To The Solo Grindstone, Marbians & A Facebook Page…

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The title of this post is a mouth full, I know. Last Friday I finished up my Summer residence with Tribal City Interactive. I’ll miss working with the team, especially the art interns, Niall and Laura-Jane. They were a fantastic bunch and by the end of the Summer we were working together smoothly, like a well oiled machine. Everyone learned a lot in the 3 months, myself no less than anyone else. We created a lot of cool artwork for some of Tribal City’s upcoming games. Hopefully they’ll be out before long so I can talk more about them. I’m back working in my own studio now and am available to take on new projects as they come in. Please email me if you have an queries or wish to have a quote made up.

In other news, The Marbians has been downloaded well over 200,000 times, which is nice. It’s been re-released as a free version, containing more levels at the start that are available without charge, and a full paid version has also been made available. Check it out on the App Store / Android Market if you haven’t already. Find out more over at TheMarbians.com

Also, I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a DoomCube.com FaceBook page, so please click on the FB icon down the bottom of the page (it’s under the contact form) and shoot on over there to hit the ‘Like’ button. Alternatively, you could just click this LINK to get there to save your mouse’s scroll wheel a few turns. Make sure you tell all your friends about it, especially any game developer types you know that may be in need of a pixel gun for hire.

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