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18 Jun 2013

First Lep’s World 3 Screenshots Released

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nerByte have released the first screenshots for their upcoming Lep’s World 3, over on the Lep’s World Facebook page. The screens were uploaded to celebrate the page’s 100,000th Like.

We’re quite a bit into development at this stage, and the game is planned to be released later this year. This iteration introduces a lot of new enemies, new playable characters and some new bosses. The art style has shifted considerably from Lep’s World 2, simplifying a lot of the character and background details, but still retaining the charm of the original games. I’m looking forward to its eventual release, and hearing feedback from the fans of the series.

Below are the released screenshots for your consideration. Please comment and let me know what you think. I’ll upload more as they are released.

UPDATE 03/07/13

2 more screenshots have been released. See below.


10 Responses to “First Lep’s World 3 Screenshots Released”

  1. kariene says:

    ok when is it coming out?

  2. Administrator says:

    Hi, it should be out in early November.

  3. Charlie says:

    Looks good. Can’t wait. Got over 2300 lives on “2”……..Addicted or what?

    • DoomCube says:

      2300? Wow! You mustn’t have stopped playing Lep’s World 2 since it came out, Charlie. I think you’ll like Number 3 when it’s released, there are some nice new game-play elements and enemies to tackle.

  4. Bren says:

    I’ve absolutely loved every game of Lep’s World and love the improved graphics with each new release. This game has been my favorite mobile game I’ve played over and over. I would like to see some of the higher levels as you progress through the game not quite so difficult to get through. If a game becomes too hard even after numerous attempts to get through I will ultimately gI’ve up. Also would like to see the ad support dropped it’s very annoying. I’d prefer to pay for the game vs the ad support! Like the new look from the photos above. I’m excited to find another Lep’s World on it’s way!

    • DoomCube says:

      Hi Bren, I’m happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed the games in the Lep’s World series so much. I’ll pass on your thoughts about the level difficulty to nerByte. Lep’s World 3 is almost finished, though, so I’m not sure they can change much at this point.

  5. Tyler says:

    Just finished leps world 2, ready for the 3rd edition!!!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I was told that it comes out in late October!! At least that’s what it says on the Facebook site

    • DoomCube says:

      Hi Elizabeth. You’re correct, Lep’s World 3 is coming out on the 31st of October. So expect to be playing Lep 3 on Halloween!

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